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S . Y . A . O . R . A . N . ²

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Welcome to syaorancest, the first community dedicated to gathering fans of the Clone!Syaoran/Real!Syaoran pairing from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. It doesn't have to just be the yinyang pair but can include Syaoran from CCS as well. Or Horitsuba!Syaoran and his "twin brother". Or any combinations of these Syaorans. Heck, any Syaoran is welcome. =D If you've just accidentally clicked on syaorancest and are homophobic, press Alt + F4. This community supports shounen-ai and yaoi.

Everyone who supports Syaoran/Syaoran whether from CCS or TRC are welcome. Discussions, questions, scans, icons, banners, fanart, fanfiction, recommendations, and general fangirling/fanboying concerning these two are encouraged.

ccsyao csyao csyao [Has anyone seen R!Syaoran floating around?]

R . U . L . E . S

You must like the Syaoran/Syaoran pairing. Joining this community and loathing them together would make NO SENSE AT ALL.

2 Play nice. If you don't like something or someone, fine, but take it outside.

3 Post fanfiction, fanart and large images behind an LJ-cut and tag them appropriately.

4 Please keep discussions relating to the topic. If not Syaorancest then at least Syaoran. On that note, anything relating to Syaoran is welcome here, even Sakura.

5 Do not use chat speak and/or 1337 and keep total lack of grammar/spelling away from here. Occasional keysmashing and capslock abuse is fine. =]

6 Flaming and idiotic behavior will not be tolerated.

7 Most importantly: HAVE FUN AND KEEP syaorancest ALIVE. =D

A . F . F . I . L . I . A . T . E . S





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